STEMscopes Math Productive Struggle Brochure Cover
STEMscopes Math
STEMscopes Math is a core mathematics program that combines digital and print components to provide everything teachers need to create meaningful math learning experiences for students.
Project Background
STEMscopes Math’s new brand guidelines were created and the new branding was applied to all their new marketing materials. We designed brochures, flyers, advertising, packaging, video wrapper, white papers, and more.
STEMscopes Math Intentional Discouse Brochure Covers
STEMscopse Math, The 5E + 1A Instructional Model Brochure covers
STEMscopes Math various brochure covers
STEMscopes Math Brochure cover and interior spread
STEMscopes Math various flyers
Photo of STEMscopes Math Video Brochure Cover
Photo of STEMscopes Math Video Brochure open

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